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Perfect accessory for roleplayers of
Pen-and-Paper Role Play Games

  • Visualize the game situation
  • With transparent grids
  • Fasten maps andd drawings

Various Sizes and Colors available!
Role Play Game Accessory

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Pen-and-Paper-Accessory. Pen-and-Paper Accessory: The RPG board, a tool for the Gamermaster. Whiteboard, magnetic board and holding frame all in one. Accessory, Pen and Paper, Roleplay, Whiteboard, Gamemaster, Gamer, Magnetic Board, RPG



Magnetic Board

Game grid


This GAMERBOARD was made by gamers for gamers. Ideal for all tabletop miniature games and roleplaying games (RPG).

For all roleplaying games (RPG), tabletop miniature and strategy games.

Game Grid hexagon

Robust aluminium holding frame.

Insert transparent sheets, drawings and maps and clamp them with the holding frame. The holding frame prevents shifting of sheets and maps.

Magnetic whiteboard.

It keeps all magnet-pawns in place. Use the colored magnet buttons as game-pawns or glue neodym-magnets to the lower side of your own game-pawns.

Transparent sheet is writable.

The cover sheet is writable with whiteboard-markers.

Draw additional details on the maps without damaging the maps.

Writable transparent sheets with grids:

Various Hexagon-grids

and quadratic grids

and others. Put a grid over prefabricated maps or your own drawings. The transparent sheets protect the maps and are writable.

Magnet sets:

Colored magnet buttons, stackable, base diameter 10 mm, magnetic pawns, base diameter 12 mm, neodym-magnets, round, 6 mm diameter, 2 mm high and others.


Gamer Magnetic Board RPG Whiteboard Gamemaster Accessory Pen and Paper Roleplay

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Accessory Magnetic Board Roleplay Gamer RPG Whiteboard Gamemaster Pen and Paper

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Gamer Gamemaster RPG Pen and Paper Roleplay Whiteboard Accessory Magnetic Board

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Roleplay Magnetic Board Accessory Gamer RPG Whiteboard Gamemaster Pen and Paper

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Roleplay Gamer Magnetic Board Gamemaster Whiteboard RPG Accessory Pen and Paper

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Pen and Paper Gamemaster RPG Roleplay Whiteboard Magnetic Board Gamer Accessory

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Pen-and-Paper-Accessory: Whiteboard Magnetic Board Game grid. Pen-and-Paper Accessory: The RPG board, a tool for the Gamermaster. Whiteboard, magnetic board and holding frame all in one. Accessory, Pen and Paper, Roleplay, Whiteboard, Gamemaster, Gamer, Magnetic Board, RPG


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